Texas is a big place, and Houston interventions are on the rise. There is no Houston intervention service as experienced and effective as The Recovery Community. Founded in 2002, by the nationally acclaimed Ken Seeley (of A&E’s “Intervention), Ken has a staff of trained professionals who have developed an unmatched track record of success through Seeley’s techniques. The recovery industry has grown tremendously over the past ten years and it can be increasingly difficult to sort the established resources from the fly-by-night operations. Ken Seeley has a decade of experience and has weathered the turbulent rehab industry by consistently providing quality service to families. We specialize in bringing the right combination of people together to make the alcoholic or addict aware of their problem and need for help.

Once a successful intervention has been performed, the process is not over by a long shot. Ken and his team find the perfect treatment center and make sure that the individual enters and completes treatment. Once an addict graduates from a Houston treatment center, they can seek sober companionship, aftercare, or both from this same team of professionals. Aftercare is designed to ensure that the recovering person stays on track, motivated, and goal-oriented with their newfound sobriety. The Recovery Community knows better than to simply cut an addict loose after they have gone through a Houston Rehab. Recovery is a long process and requires encouragement and reinforcement along the way.

Two Types of Houston Intervention

There are two common types of intervention, family and executive. An executive intervention happens when coworkers and employers recognize that a vital member of their team is suffering from a substance addiction. This individual may be irreplaceable and quite capable when sober, so it is worthwhile to invest the time and money into getting that person into treatment. A family intervention is much more intimate, due to the emotions and relationships involved. Ken Seeley’s Recovery Community has experience in both and creating the right group of people and environment for each is why they continue to be successful. Often, an alcoholic or addict will be much more responsive to one of these two options.

Young adults are an often overlooked group of individuals in need of intervention and rehab. The increase of young people suffering from drug and alcohol addiction is tremendous and they often have drug and alcohol problems as serious as adults can. Ignoring the warning signs of addiction simply because of their age is big mistake. One never knows when a person will be receptive of toward intervention and the help that follows, regardless of age.

The Recovery Community and Honesty

The number one goal of The Recovery Community is to help people. If you are trying to save your loved one’s life, it is essential to seek help from the most trusted name in interventions.
– Ken Seeley.