When looking at the wide variety of New Jersey treatment programs, it’s tough to make such an important choice. The team of specialists that comprises the Recovery Community makes this decision much easier. Founded by the nationally acclaimed Ken Seeley, of A&E’s “Intervention,” the program offers a decade of experience in helping people through this delicate and crucial process. Recovery is not a short-term process and you need a team that will be available to help throughout your loved one’s trials and tribulations on the road to recovery. Many fly-by-night companies offer quick solutions at high price tags, but check their track record and you will be disappointed. A serious commitment is required to change a person’s life after years of substance abuse, and Ken Seeley’s Recovery Community has been and will continue to be there to help.

The Recovery Community process often begins with an intervention that serves as a healthy confrontation between the people most affected by the alcoholic or addict and the addict himself. The intervention is mediated by an intervention specialist like Ken Seeley. Ken has carefully honed his skill at facilitating interventions and has passed his expertise down to his team. A specialist is required, because an addict’s reaction can be unpredictable, no matter how loving or important the confrontation may be. The Recovery Community team will carefully select and instruct those involved in the intervention, as placing the proper people in the room can make or break a person’s ability to recognize or embrace their problem.

Moving Forward with the Recovery Community In New Jersey

After performing the intervention, the knowledgeable staff of the Recovery Community then helps with placement and long-term treatment plan for the alcoholic or addict. The team knows New Jersey rehabs, and can choose the right facility for your loved one. This is a main factor in our success; it is not about sending a person to the most expensive or popular rehab, rather it is about sending them to the place that will work for them. This decision is best made by professionals, as often any place offering recovery will sound attractive to someone’s family who simply wants the best for their loved one.

Moving On With Recovery

Once the locale has been chosen and the initial rehab has been completed The Recovery Community can also help place the newly sober person into a sober living. This is often seen as the last step in treating the alcoholic or addict and can also be the longest. There can be even longer-term options if necessary. Sober companionship and case management services are available that provides one-on-one support on a regular basis for years sometimes. Intervention in New Jersey is just the beginning, but with proper guidance, your loved one can be hopeful about their new sober life.