Finding The Right Oakland Intervention
Anyone who reads the newspaper knows that there is a big demand for Oakland interventions. Luckily, the Recovery Community in Oakland has the resources and experience to treat addiction and alcoholism and all of the wreckage that comes with it. Founded by Ken Seeley, well known from A&E’s “Intervention,” this team of specialists has been in California for over a decade, and knows the ins and outs of getting people sober here. For many addicts, step one of recovery is a properly staged and professionally supervised intervention.

Unfortunately, not everyone who claims to be an intervention specialist is truly qualified. With the explosion of the recovery industry, it becomes increasingly difficult to sort out the legitimate providers from the fly-by-nights. A poorly managed intervention can quickly become chaotic and overly confrontational. This type of outcome is exactly what the Recovery Community has been trained to prevent. A true interventionist is often a sober person themselves and has years of recovery under their belt, as well as experience performing interventions and working with other alcoholics and addicts for many years. They must be board registered and actually have the title of Professional Intervention Specialist. The combination of proper training and on the ground experience during this initial process creates a supportive and responsive environment for addict and their family. The Recovery Community also offers training programs for interventionists and knows that the people on their team are genuinely qualified.

Choosing the Recovery Community For Oakland Treatment
The Recovery Community’s vast knowledge of treatment centers in California means they can evaluate Oakland treatment centers impartially and give each individual an unbiased assessment of what will work for them. The interventionist is capable of more than just mediation; they also get an accurate feel for the person that they are working with during the process of getting to know the family and the addict. They take all of these factors into account when placing someone into a treatment facility. Due to the personal nature of addiction, not all locales will work for all people. The Recovery Community is not interested in sending a person to the most lavish or expensive rehab in Oakland, even if they can afford it. This is part of our service’s advantage; we are knowledgeable and have no ties with any particular rehab or sober living, so there is no bias in our recommendation.

Why Choose Us?
The Recovery Community has grown out of Ken Seeley’s first company, Intervention 911, which has a long-standing reputation of being the best in the business for the past ten years. That says a lot when it comes to the recovery industry, as very few entities are able to survive that long. These two entities work hand in hand to cover every aspect of treatment involved in bringing a loved one back from addiction into recovery.