Interventions in Phoenix With The Recovery Community
More and more interventions in Phoenix are taking place due to the rise of addiction in a city not traditionally known for drug and alcohol abuse. As veterans in the intervention industry, The Recovery Community has become well known for their ability to mediate interventions. People trust out team of specialists because they are trained with over a decade of practice performing interventions. Many other recovery institutions cannot make this claim, as the landscape has become overrun in the recent explosion of rehab services.

The process of an intervention will include an evaluation of an addict or alcoholic’s acceptance and chance of recovery. Some are simply reluctant and unready. Others have not progressed in their disease to the stage where they are receptive toward a stay in a Phoenix treatment facility. This is where the Recovery Community’s experience comes into play. The family of an addict may be too anxious and try to force recovery on someone who is simply not ready. This can be a frustrating and expensive mistake. The specialists at The Recovery Community have intimate knowledge of all the Phoenix rehabs and can create an unbiased plan of action depending on the circumstances. Decisions that once seemed overwhelming are made much easier with the help of a professional.

The Road To and From A Phoenix Rehab
Achieving sobriety is something no one can do alone, and the Recovery Community understands this. Our services don’t simply end with intervention. We can evaluate and recommend Phoenix rehabs and sober livings, tailoring the perfect path of recovery for the addict’s journey. Beyond sober living, we have specialists available that act as sober companions and case managers. Used in conjunction with a sober living, this creates a formula that greatly increases the chances that a person stays sober. Sober companionship is like having a life coach, often a recovered addict with experience and empathy who will be there at every step of the way during early sobriety. They make sure that a newly sober person stays on track and does the work needed to stay sober. Often this includes active involvement in a 12-step program. A case manager takes on the aspects of an individual’s life that are the most difficult to deal with, guiding a person in handling the family issues that may have been damaged by their disease. This can also include aiding a person in dealing with legal troubles and work related issues.

The Recovery Community’s Track Record   
Ken Seeley is the founder of the Recovery Community and has been helping addicts find recovery for over ten years. Over this time, Ken and his team have honed their skills to an unrivaled level of effectiveness. You can be confident that when you call The Recovery Community, you are calling the very best.