When looking for Salt Lake City interventions, there are many options that have cropped up over the last few years. Ken Seeley’s Recovery Community, founded in 2002, has a long-standing record as a capable and dependable team of intervention specialists. An interventionist before “interventions” were a household term, Ken found national recognition with his appearances on A&E’s “Intervention” show. Although he is now a household name, Ken has a history and foundation of hard work and service that few others can match. The countless lives he has touched can attest to his sincerity and commitment to helping the addict. As a result, he is not biased towards any particular Salt Lake City treatment facility and can use his vast resources to find the absolute best facility for your loved one.

Successful Recovery in a Salt Lake City Rehab

The recovery industry is notoriously turbulent, and not many companies have been able to stay in business. Ken Seeley’s Recovery Community has thrived because of their solid track record and hands-on approach. Ken’s team of professionals is hand picked from the most qualified and experienced interventionists in the country. They know how to get a drug addict or alcoholic to a Salt Lake City rehab where he or she will engage with the program and stick with it. A family intervention is difficult and involves a number of personalities. It takes experience to choose who should be there and how they should interact. The smallest thing can make the difference between the addict hearing the message or running away. This is why such decisions are best made with an expert from The Recovery Community. Sometimes it’s not the family but the employer who is interested in helping an individual get sober. Intervention 911 knows how to properly formulate these sorts of interventions as well.

The Recovery Community also has a successful track record working with young people. Many teens have already reached the point where they need expert intervention and treatment and they require special techniques. Our team can navigate the tricky terrain between willingness and belligerent denial, finding opportunities to help whenever they arise.

Through experience, The Recovery Community knows that alcoholics and addicts often need more than just a short stay in a treatment facility. This is why we offer aftercare programs including sober companionship and counseling. These services are very flexible, depending on the level of support needed.

Warning Signs

Ken Seeley wants his clients to know that it is best to look at the behaviors and actions of the person in question before contacting the service. Sometimes it is obvious that a person has an addiction problem, but often the signs can be much more subtle. Is the person unstable emotionally? Can the person hold a job? Do they disappear for hours or days on end? Do they look sickly? Have legal issues been cropping up in their life?

Chances are, if some combination of these factors is taking place in the life of a loved one than they might be suffering from addiction. If so, than the right team of professionals to call is The Recovery Community.