The Recovery Community – Intervention in San Antonio
Finding an intervention in San Antonio has become easier in recent years, but finding a trusted professional among the numerous providers has become increasingly difficult. Texas is a very big place, so big that San Antonio was actually the location for the most recent International Convention of Alcoholics Anonymous, with something like sixty thousand attendants. It is safe to say that San Antonio rehabs are a place where an addict or alcoholic can successfully recover from addiction. Many families seeking a trusted professional begin by contacting the Recovery Community, founded by Ken Seeley of national fame through the A&E’s “Intervention.” Many people are familiar with Ken from television, but the real reason they use his services is his decade-long track record of healed lives and families. When a family is desperate, all options sound appealing and every facility claims to be able to help. The Recovery Community is one of the oldest and most trusted resources for the important task of saving a loved one’s life from addiction.

After the Intervention in San Antonio
If you’re an addict, just being told you have a problem, even from someone you trust, is not going to get you sober. A professionally supervised intervention is a proven way to get an addict to accept help, but what happens next? The next step is usually a stay in a San Antonio treatment center, where the addict will be separated from the physical addiction to the substance and taught tools for developing a sober life. An interventionist is the best candidate to provide the family with the best choices for treatment, since he or she knows all of the options in the area as well as the unique situation of the addict. After treatment, the Recovery Community offers another reevaluation to gauge the effectiveness of the rehab stay. Based on this evaluation, the specialist then can recommend a sober living to send the addict to. Just as with treatment centers, there has been an explosion of new sober living facilities and choosing the right one requires professional help.

The specialists at the Recovery Community will know if the newly sober person needs an intense and extensive sober living, or if they can handle a larger degree of independence.

Lesser-known Options for Rehab In San Antonio
Even after a stay at a sober living there are further options for the individual that needs extended attention. This includes sober companionship and case management. Sober companionship can be thought of as real-time therapy and life coaching during every step of the way for the newly sober person. Case management is like having an intervention specialist on-call for those times in which the individual needs a mediator for integrating back into the family or employment situations. Obviously, these serve a purpose, but are not required for everyone.