San Diego Treatment Through The Recovery Community
Ken Seeley’s Recovery Community takes pride in providing addicts and alcoholics with the blue print to recovery. We have years of experience working with treatment centers worldwide. The Recovery Community uses three key factors in finding our clients the right treatment; the facility should be clinically, financially, and geographically appropriate. San Diego, “America’s finest city”, can be the perfect setting for your recovery story.  The eighth largest U.S. city not only has beautiful weather, low crime rates and a vibrant culture, a San Diego rehab center has that much needed calm, peaceful environment to make recovery appealing. A San Diego treatment center can greatly enhance your loved one’s chances of successful recovery. Just south of its bustling Los Angeles neighbor, patients may benefit from the more relaxed atmosphere of San Diego.

Long Term Recovery
The Recovery Community focuses on life long sobriety with more than just a 30-day rehab, providing aftercare services for as long as necessary. Our 5-year plan has high success rates of for long-term sobriety.  This is achievable because of the education and tools patients receive about the nature of addiction and the pitfalls ahead. More than just a detox and a few group therapy circles, the Recovery Community helps reintegrate the addict into life after rehab. The Recovery Community treats various types of addiction, including drugs, alcohol, gambling or gaming or any other harmful behavior or dependency. Each patient and their addiction is taken extremely seriously and handled with the same amount of concern. With drug and alcohol addiction relapse can occur even after the best treatment, which is why the Recovery Community is keen on treatment having lasting effects, and why so many of our patients enjoy recovery for a lifetime.

Ken Seeley and Intervention
Ken Seeley is one of the most well known interventionists and has been involved in recovery for many years. He is active in many intervention and recovery groups like Recovery Community, Intervention911, and the famous A&E Intervention television series. Ken Seeley’s intervention methods have helped countless addicts start their path to recovery.  For an addict, simply accepting treatment in San Diego, intervention may be difficult. This is the first step in healing since addicts are unlikely to choose rehab for themselves. The process of confronting an addict along with other concerned friends and family members about their behavior and its effects may be the only way an addict can accept that they have a problem.  Before the intervention takes place the intervention group must have planned and organized treatment center options, because once an addict accepts help, they should act immediately. An important aspect of Ken Seeley and his methods of intervention and recovery is the importance of family support.  Not only does a family have to remain caring and encouraging through an intervention and treatment, but years after recovery. The Recovery Community can help their patients from start to finish in the exciting journey or recovery from addiction and alcoholism.