The Recovery Community Plans Interventions In San Francsico
There is undoubtedly drug and alcohol abuse in every city in America, so it should not be a surprise that interventions in San Francisco are on the rise. Ever since the days of the 60’s drug culture, San Francisco has had numerous addicts. When addicts are in trouble, it is often their families who suffer. These days, families call upon the services of the Recovery Community. Our team of specialists’ goal is to pull addicts out of a lifestyle that could lead them to an untimely death. The Recovery Community’s strategy is more comprehensive than just getting addicts and alcoholics to admit that they have a problem. Simply recognizing the issue is only the beginning, and interventions are a stepping-stone in the right direction. Interventions bring together those closest to the alcoholic or addict and confront him or her in a manner that is both free of hostility and full of compassionate understanding. The goal is to avoid negative feelings and emotions that can easily arise when an addicted person is faced with the truth after years of denial. Often, addicts think they are hiding their substance abuse from their family, but in reality the family is all too aware of the situation. Even if the family only has a suspicion that their loved one is on drugs, the Recovery Community’s services can still help. They educate and interact with the family to help them to establish the truth behind the situation. The goal is never financial gain, but to help people who suffer from a genuine disease. Our counselors can determine if a person is a genuine alcoholic or addict. Once this has been established, an intervention can be performed.

Creating Successful Treatment in San Francisco
The Recovery Community comes from the same school of success as Intervention 911, founded by Ken Seeley of A&E’s “Intervention.” We have a long-standing reputation of capability and a comprehensive understanding of alcoholics and addicts. After the a successful intervention, the team determines the best location for treatment in San Francisco. The Recovery Community knows you can’t just stop after an intervention. The whole point is to get the addict into rehab and started on a new life. Finding rehabs in San Francisco is the second step and a very important one. Rehab programs vary in length, and often a stay in a sober living facility is recommended afterward. The Recovery Community can help decide where the newly sober person will stay for sober living. Sober homes are meant to instill the habits and values of recovery in a newly sober person and keep them in a safe environment during this important process. A proper stay in a sober home can be the final factor in nailing down a sober life.

Aftercare Services
The knowledgeable staff at the Recovery Community is much more than just an intervention and referral service. We also offer sober companionship and case management for the continued recovery of alcoholics and addicts.