Your Intervention in San Jose
For families considering an intervention in San Jose, it’s important to feel secure in the services you use. Founded by Ken Seeley, of A&E’s “Intervention,” the team of specialists at The Recovery Community believes that it takes a coordinated effort on behalf of an alcoholic or addict to help them get sober. There simply isn’t a quick turnaround time, when it comes to addiction, especially when a person has been hooked on drugs or alcohol for years and even decades. Often the first step that gets the addict moving in the right direction is an intervention. The Recovery Community comes from the same school of experience and training as Ken’s first company, Intervention 911, so they have an unrivaled track record of success in interventions. Our professionals are certified and credentialed, so a family can feel safe in knowing that they are hiring an experience and trained specialist.

The Next Step In San Jose Treatment
After an intervention, the Recovery Community helps the individual or family decide on a San Jose treatment facility. The standard rehab stay is a thirty-day process, designed to remove the addict from their physical dependency on drugs or alcohol and teach them new tools for staying sober. For many who are serious about their recovery, however, this is not the final step. The specialists from the Recovery Community are experts in treatment referral in San Jose and can evaluate the addict, creating an aftercare program perfectly suited for them. They know exactly what is appropriate, having gotten to know the alcoholic or addict through the intervention.

Returning Home After San Jose Rehab
Once someone has gone through a rehab in San Jose, it is often advisable that they move to a sober living, through which they can begin their integration back into society. There is a code of ethics that dictates the behavior of all residents of the house, creating a safe environment for all. Life at the sober living reinforces habits that replace the addict’s old behaviors and beliefs before treatment. They must learn how to exist in normal society, follow rules and laws, as well as start to become an altruistic person; one who does not act constantly selfish due to the use of drugs and alcohol. Finally, the Recovery Community does support 12-step programs like Alcoholics Anonymous, and they can help the addict find groups that will help them in their continued recovery.