The Recovery Community and Intervention in Washington
For families seeking an intervention in Washington, the primary goal is to mend the relationship of an alcoholic or addict with the family. Usually family members are the ones chosen to be present for the intervention and these are the primary relationships that the addict will want to repair. The Recovery Community creates interventions that not necessarily confrontation, but a mediation process between the individual and their family. Ken Seeley and his team are specially trained to make sure the experience is productive and not disruptive and painful. Skilled professionals are an important part of any intervention, because most alcoholics and addicts do not respond well to being told that they have a problem. It is very likely that the family has already been confronting their loved one for years to no avail. When an addict is under the influence, such appeals are rarely effective. Families want the damage to end and the addict under the influence does not recognize the damage as it unfolds.

Washington Treatment Heals Your Relationship
The Recovery Community doesn’t leave the families in the dark. We discuss the disease of addiction and offer solutions for dealing with the problems that have baffled the family for so long. Our intervention specialists can also serve as educators, bringing to light facts about alcoholism and addiction that may have been entirely unknown beforehand. We can also provide a proper assessment of the loved one and determine whether he or she is actually ready for recovery or not. Ken Seeley and his team, with their proven track record, provide you with comfort and trust. Our many satisfied clients can attest that our primary goal is not to gain from the family, but to provide help when it is desperately needed. We can hand pick and recommend the right Washington treatment facility for your loved one after the intervention, but we have no affiliation with any one.

Why Include the Family?
Ken Seeley, founder of the Recovery Community, has gained national recognition through A&E’s “Intervention,” because he knows how to work with families to help their loved ones find recovery. He and his team know that addiction is a family illness and needs to be treated as such. Recovery is a healing process for the whole family, even if only one person is suffering from addiction or alcoholism. This is especially significant when dealing with individuals who have young children and who do not want behaviors to be passed down. The initial stay in a Washington rehab should be separate from family, but our aftercare team takes care to reintegrate the addict into family life as smoothly as possible. This initial process is delicate and should be handled by professionals. When handled correctly however, the family will get back the loved one they remember before the ravages of addiction took hold.