For the first time ever…. Chicago, IL

June 3-5, 2015

If you work in a detox, residential setting, extended care facility or sober living, this training is for you.  Also great for therapists who deal with clients and families struggling with addiction.

Intervention Strategies can help to….




June 3-5, 2015

 7:00 am-5:30 pm Each Day

If you are interested in becoming certified as an interventionist (CIP), this training will provide 25 CE hours approved by the Pennsylvania Certification Board.  This is one piece of the requirement for certification.  To learn more, CLICK Below:

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Interventionist Training

June 3-5, 2015

Cost is $1,750.00




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Daily Schedule

7:00 AM – 8:00 AM – OPEN Meeting

8:00 AM – 8:30 AM – Breakfast

8:30 AM – 12:00 PM – TRAINING

12:00 PM – 1:00 PM – Lunch

1:00 PM – 5:30 PM – TRAINING


Chicago Marriott Downtown Magnificent Mile

540 North Michigan Avenue

Chicago, IL  60611

To preview the website, please click the following link:

Reservations Toll Free: 1-877-303-0104

Southworth Associates and Intervention 911 have joined forces to offer training for those professionals looking to become interventionists.  With over 65 years of combined experience in the field of addiction and recovery, these two leaders are ready to share their extensive knowledge with attendees, and best prepare them for a successful career as Interventionists.  Both John Southworth and Ken Seeley are Board Registered Interventionists, Level II, and have been frequently featured on the hit A&E television show, Intervention. They believe all Interventionists must obtain the best possible training and education available in order to achieve and maintain the level of excellence and professionalism the industry has come to demand and expect.  Using the Johnson Model of Intervention, they have teamed together with Eric McLaughlin and Caroline Smith to provide training for those looking to become professional interventionists.

65 Years of Combined Interventionist Experience and Training


Registration includes:

  • 25 CE Hours of Pennsylvania Certification Board approved training that can be used towards the Intervention Specific Training required for the CIP (Certified Intervention Professional) For more information on the CIP, please see:
  • In Depth information on Developing your intervention style and intervention business
  • Professional training featuring John Southworth, Caroline Smith, Eric McLaughlin and Ken Seeley.
  • Continental Breakfast and Lunch will also be provided.

The training is also open to Treatment Center Clinicians, Therapists, Medical professionals and anyone working with addicted populations.   Every Participant will be trained on how to effectively use “Intervention” techniques when clients….

•  Are not engaged in treatment

•  Attempt to leave treatment AMA

•  Are disruptive in treatment

•  Are in denial about their addiction issues

•  Refuse to sign releases

We will also address such hot button topics as…

•  Transition approaches for clients between levels of care levels of care

•  The need for a seamless continuum of care for addicted client

•  The team approach to addiction treatment

•  Long- term care to achieve 5 year survival  rate for addiction

What is a Professional Interventionist?

A Professional Interventionist has performed hundreds of interventions during which family members and close friends participate to help addicts who have hit rock bottom seek treatment. He/She is available 24/7 with concerns up until and around the time of the intervention and uses a trusted model for performing interventions and is able to communicate that to you. He/She is insured and can provide many professional references. He/She has a solid network of treatment referrals, experience suggesting plans of treatment, aftercare, sober living, sober companions and continuums of care. He/She understands that each situation is different and does not get emotionally involved the way a family member or friend might. He/She normally has many years of sobriety and participates in 12-step recovery herself/himself.

When seeking out a Professional Intervention Specialist, he/she should be a Board Registered Interventionist, meaning he/she has gone through extensive training and understands the professionalism with which an intervention needs to be performed. It is imperative that the Intervention Specialist has considerable time in recovery and has performed many interventions before this one. There is considerable cost to perform an intervention and also for the subsequent treatment, so these factors must be considered seriously. An Interventionist charges for his/her services because the success rate is high and long-term recovery chances are greatly increased through the use of professional intervention services.

* It is important that a “12-step call” is not confused with a professional intervention. A 12-step call is defined as one alcoholic/addict helping another addict/alcoholic stop using or drinking for a period of time. A 12-step call, while helpful, can be seen as something like a “pre-intervention”.

One of the most important things to understand when seeking out an interventionist is the difference between someone who “believes” they are providing the service of an intervention and someone who is a Certified, Board Registered, Professional Intervention Specialist that performs interventions with consistency, training and professionalism.

At the Treatment Recovery Community, our Intervention Specialists are properly trained and professionally accountable for all of their interventions. There are many people that can temporarily help someone make a better decision in regards to their drug and alcohol use, but just being able to convince someone not to use or drink for one night or to agree to treatment momentarily does not qualify as an Intervention. An interventionist is trained to also educate the family on the 5-year continuum care regarding addictions.

Training to Become an Intervention Specialist

The Recovery Community has committed to teaching others how to become trained Interventionists and adheres to an accountability that is a better standard for the industry.

We have conducted our Intervention training worldwide. One of only a few organizations offering this training program, the Recovery Community is committed to professional interventions with a 5-year continuum of care to ensure long-term sobriety. Our trainings reflect our desire to offer the best possible intervention and recovery services.

For Information on the CIP, click here: