Code of Ethics

The Code of Ethics must be signed and abided by all sober living code of ethics. This statement commits the signer to adhere to this code of ethics and to maintain a vital concern for the lives and well-being of all persons.

1. Be dedicated to recognizing the dignity and worth of all human beings.

2. Maintain an alcohol and illicit drug free environment.

3. Maintain quality cleanliness of personal space. Demonstrate activities that benefit not only other guests, but neighbors and community.

4. Remain abstinent from all alcohol, drugs or mood altering substances.

5. Submit to random drug testing at the request of the Sober Living Head of household or owner.

6. No physical violence or threats of violence in the home.

7. Guests should  never become romantically or sexually involved with other guests or anyone the sober living home is assisting.

8. Guests should never become involved with other guests financial affairs. This covers borrowing or lending money, buying or selling property, or other financial transactions.

9. Guest should respect the privacy and personal rights of all other guests.

10. Assure that no weapons are brought on sober living premise, home, or property.