Level 1 Recovery Advocate Program

The Level 1 Recovery Advocate Program from the Recovery Community is designed to be an extension of the treatment program. We take recommendations from the treatment center, other health information, recommendations/observations from the family, and any other information that might be helpful to the recovery process.

Level 1 Recovery Advocate Program Protocol

  • Creation of an agreement with the client, family and the Recovery Community that promotes recovery and behavior in line with recovery from addiction
  • Monitoring and testing of urine – these screenings will be performed at random so the sampling method is valid.  If the test comes back positive, a no show, or not calling in, further actions are taken to prevent possible relapses.
  • Regular attendance and monitoring of attendance of a 12-step program.  Depending on the type of addiction a recommendation to a 12-step program and attendance of meetings is required.  The client will be given a check-in sheet to be signed at the meetings.
  • Regular meetings with a 12-step Sponsor.  A 12-step sponsor is someone that is in recovery and can be a strong ally for a newly sober person in recovery.  Meeting with a 12-step sponsor is one more way to be plugged into recovery
  • Monitoring of participation and engagement with a yearlong recovery plan – this can include but is not limited to: therapy with a psychologist or psychiatrist, a sober living program, a sober companion, aftercare.
  • Providing the family and client with detailed updates and progress reports.  Also providing recommendations or identifying problems within the case management.