I want you to know there is light at the end of this tunnel and we look forward to helping you stop the self-destructive cycle your loved one is in.

One of the reasons we began using interns for interventions was to help families who are working on limited budgets or addiction through theft, manipulation, legal fees, medical fees, and debt have depleted families to the breaking point.  So many people are still suffering but simply do not have 10’s of thousands of dollars to get the help they need.    We can now help families who are left with limited funds who would consider intervention to be unaffordable.

We have been helping qualified individuals become Interventionists for years.  Through extensive training, supervision and oversight they are becoming Board Registered Interventionists.  Before now, we did not provide them the platform and exposure to work at this level, but with the world economy struggling for so long we have taken initiative to offer them and you the opportunity to use their skills for your family’s benefit.

Starting in 2013, we are going to open this branch of the company to help those suffering across USA and Europe.  Our first formalized training was in London 2008 and opened up training interns that are not part of our parent company Intervention911.  We now have a pool of professionals that have been hand selected to help you.

This is a simple process:

  • Call 866-909-9911
  • Request an Agreement for Service
  • Fax it back to 323-932-0078
  • Our Intervention Coordinator will schedule an interventionist to come to you immediately.

Now there is no reason for the suffering to continue, call us at 866-909-9911 and we will get you the help you need.

If you would like a Board Registered Interventionist with experience helping hundreds of families visit www.intervention911.com.