Sober Living

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Sober Living is a group of people who live together in order to provide peer to peer support in a healthy and safe environment in which all members of the “family” agree to abstain from any alcohol, drugs or mood altering substances.

Ken Seeley has long been an advocate for the recovery process for the millions of people worldwide who suffer from addiction.  He has specialized in working with families and their loved ones in moments of crisis to find out what will motivate that addict to start the recovery process.  While he has enjoyed his work as an interventionist, he has long hoped to strengthen the recovery process by bringing his unique approach to a sober living environment.

By working with people in some of the most dramatic situations, he has come to realize that enhancing a person’s recovery requires creating a healthy “family” that understands how to support recovery process and not the addiction.  This is why he has created the Ken Seeley Recovery Community.

In his experience, people maintain their sobriety long term when the environment around them supports the recovery process in a positive manner. Having the continued support of the family system, which can include family, employer, friends and the greater community, are all key to supporting the recovery process instead of supporting the addiction.

The Ken Seeley Recovery Community helps design the blueprint for a successful and fulfilling life.  We will show you how to live in recovery in our community and then bring that with you and live in recovery anywhere you call home.

We look forward to you joining our Community!