Drug Courts are proven to retain offenders in treatment considerably longer than most other correctional programs.

  • 3 phases starting with a treatment plan
  • 90 days inpatient treatment
  • Continued random monitoring
  • Intensive case management
  • Over 2 year span

The Airline Pilots

HIMS (Human Intervention Motivation Study) is specific to commercial pilots and coordinates the identification, treatment and return to the cockpit of impaired aviators. It is an industry-wide effort in which companies, pilot unions, and FAA work together to preserve careers and further air safety.

HIMS is the program that United and over 48 other airlines use.

(except for American, they have own EAP program.)

  • 4500 total since 1970′s
  • 400 are with United
  • 80 are currently active
  • If they fail a test, DOT Offence protocol is to wait year to start process to re-apply for license
  • FAA looking to take license if they are using BUT offer this program
  • 92% long term recovery rate 2 years- less then 10% relapse
  • 8% decided to retire
  • They need to have medical certificate that they are able to fly as long as they are accountable
  • FAA requires quarterly reports from airline from AME (Areal medical evaluator) who decides what should be required
  • The weakest component is the link to aftercare

Physician Health Programs

(PHPs) have a record of success

  • Blueprint Study* – 904 physicians from 16 state PHPs who’d been under PHP care for 5+ years

– 79% no relapse
– Most relapses not followed by another
– No patient harm

  • Domino Study – 735 physicians in WA state – under monitoring from 5-11 years

– 80% no relapse – no patient harm
*Dr. Skipper

PHPs oversee evaluation and treatment

Monitoring evaluation and treatment programs

  • 28 of 37 programs (76%) maintain list of authorized providers
  • 48% maintain criteria for authorizing them
  • All but one program (95%) require treatment programs to send regular progress reports during treatment of a physician