Addiction Affects the Entire Family System

Addiction is a family disease that affects not only the individual who is suffering from addiction but also family members and loved ones that are closest to the user. In our view, family can be anything or anyone – it can be your boss at work, your brother, mother, sister, long-time friend, or partner. Addiction, as it is cunning, baffling and powerful can be difficult to deal with and many times families do not fully understand the disease of addiction. What family members need to know is that they have a lot of power to motivate someone to stay sober and aid in his or her recovery.

It is crucial that the family members and close friends of someone in recovery educate themselves about the recovery process IF they are intent on helping this person stay sober long-term. At the Recovery Community we provide an educational training program for family members and friends so that as many people involved with the individual’s recovery can be educated on how the behaviors of addiction can arise and what can be done to stop them.

The Power of the Family

If you (family) can change your behavior to being supportive of sobriety instead of supporting addiction, this can make all the difference in the world. We work with family members by encouraging them to participate in their own recovery. The Recovery Community looks at the entire family system and holds them accountable to their commitment to sobriety. We find that it is extremely important to support people when they cannot support themselves.

A family educator can provide clarifications around many different issues, defining and explaining the following terms:


Introducing healthy communication methods such as discussing recovery and relapse issues, working with family and friends to create new dialogue and a contract between the individual and loved ones, and working on a year long continuum of care for the family members as well.

The Recovery Community is committed to recovery both of the individual and of the entire family system. We believe that a healthy cycle of wellness can be more powerful that the destructive cycle of addiction and we provide all of the necessary tools to get there. Together sustainable recovery is possible. From start to finish, the Recovery Community comes full circle with recovery from drug, alcohol and other addictions.